Women's Global Connection Circle via Zoom

 Join us in LIVE Zoom Connection Calls where we offer Quantum Healing Tools, Skills and Techniques to Return to the Source of Your Inner Power and Beyond.


In this video Nancy introduces Dutch Author, Facilitator and Creatress of "House of Mastery." Danielle Stotijn. She's a kindred spirit who shares her deep wisdom, personal story, and how to navigate the transition from 3D into 5D. Let's Ascend together!

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Bridge to 5th Dimension

This book guides you in the individual and the collective process of becoming aware of your inner and outer reality. To fully awaken and integrate enlightenment by mastering your Mind, Body & Spirit. A process that can be challenging, lonely, devastating and hard. A journey that turns your inside and outside world upside down. Let this book support you, inspire you and show you the way to bridge the gap between the despair you may feel and the potential Light in the darkness. May you find balance and alignment on your path.

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FREE! Afterglow Private Connection

Join Nancy and Danielle on a Private Zoom for Women. We encourage you to write an Intention for to the call . Date: October 14th, 2021 Time: 7:00 AM Hawaii Time 10:00 AM PST 12:00 Central Time 1:00 PM Eastern Time 7:00 PM Central European Time Cost: FREE! Where: Private Zoom Link

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