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The Details

Whenever a New Course is Created, you'll receive a link to share with your friends and community.

Be mindful, share your story of how the programs have changed your or influenced your life.

Each course will be assigned two referral reward amounts.

1) This referral reward amount is for anyone who purchased the course and wants to share it. 

2) This reward amount is for anyone who wants to share the course and hasn't purchased it yet.

You can be upgraded at any time once you opt into a course and make payment arrangements.

Those who pay for the course will receive the highest amount allowed.

Nancy's Generous Gratitude Dollars Bonus Program.

This is an amazing opportunity to go to Hawaii and travel for FREE!

These bonuses are in addition to the Referral Rewards!!

Share the Infinite Wisdom Course with 5 friends and receive $500.00 in Airfare!!

Share with 10 friends and receive the $500.00 for Airfare ~ PLUS $1000.00 for your hotel or lodging!!

Share with 15 friends and you'll receive $500.00 for airfare, $1000.00 for lodging ~ PLUS 2 FREE Dolphin or Whale Watching Boat Excursions, and a Luau!

We Believe Life Is A Fun-Loving Adventure!!

** We reserve the right to offer more bonuses to people who are exhibiting excellent principles and practices.

** We reserve the right to remove anyone who exhibits practices that are not in alignment with our values, policies and practices.

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