I'm Nancy and I've been a Nature Loving Mermaid since childhood.  Life is a magical adventure!

It's my Divine Passion & Purpose to witness women having fun and creating friendships for life! 

I've been facilitating and hosting women's groups, circles, retreats, and online courses since 1990.

My first loves are my husband, Manson, our two adult sons, daughter in loves, and two granddaughters.

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Nancy Kerner

Nancy Kerner is an author, speaker and Whole Mind-Body Health Facilitator.

She enjoys leading women back to the Source of Her Power, Wisdom of Divine Feminine Energy.

Nancy's message is that when women heal her body-mind, men, women, and children will thrive in her presence.

Nancy's Vision since 1988 

Her purpose is to inspire women all over the world to Co-Create Circles of Women in Her Neighborhoods, Online, in Groups, Events and Retreats.

Since 1988, women in the focused groups said they believe the missing link to pure joy, happiness and pure bliss was being in a Positive, Healthy Community of Women!

Women enjoy having more connection to family, friends and community.

When she trusts her intuition, she will create healthier relationships, and discover their life-purpose.

Hear the stories. Join the journey.


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