Welcome to the Golden Age of Quantum Healing, Insights and Intuitive Intelligence

Do you Feel the Energy shifting within and around you? There are Big changes occurring in Humanity right now. Many people are Waking Up and see to the Truth about what's happening in the world. The Purpose of this Community is to Return to the Source of Your Intuitive Power with other Light-Minded Humans like you! Trust Yourself!

Nancy Kerner has a Mission is to Connect Healthy Positive Fun-Loving Heart Centered Women Around the World.

You have the Power to Co-Create a Wonderful Life filled with Beautiful Friends, Infinite Wisdom, Prosperity, and Sweet Loving Moments of Bliss.

In the Most Challenging Times Trust Your Heart

Life feels so much better when you/we stop the insanity of putting humans down. It's always your choice because you were born with a free will to choose peace, love and harmony. It feels so good to the heart & soul to build people up. Trust Your Heart!

Your Purpose is Connected to Your Passion

The most inspirational-powerful humans in life are the ones who ask questions to Activate and Open your Divine Mind or Higher Mind. Trust Your Purpose!

Intuition Is Your Super Power

How do you send and receive information and messages from the Divine? Highly sensitive women have access to Intuitive Insights that others may not see yet. Do You Trust Your Intuitive Insights?

Quantum Healing

In 1988, Nancy Kerner saw a Vision for the Golden Age. She knew that people would gather, connect, and soar into their Personal & Collective Power of the Heart. Magic & Miracles are a Co-Creative Moment when two or more souls transcend the fearful ego into a Body of Light, Love, and Harmony. She studied Quantum Physics and the Infinite Power you have within you to heal whatever your heart desires to. You are a Very Power-Soul Person!! That's the Truth and Nancy will teach you what she's learned over the past 33 years as a healer. You deserve it!

Quantum Consciousness

Life is much more difficult when you're in emotional or physical pain. When you let go of old mental and emotional beliefs that keep you stuck ~ life is a lot more fun, prosperous and enjoyable! Especially when you're with other Light-Minded Souls who are Awake, Aware, and Alert to the Presence of Love. You are a Divine Light in the World and Together We'll Light Up the Galaxies!


Plants need sunlight, water, perfect soil structure, and nutrients to produce incredible fruit & flowers. As a student working on a degree in Environmental Horticulture in 1988, Nancy observed the connection between plants and people. Two years later, she changed her major to Holistic Health & Healing. The experience was transformational and she describes it in her book as the Afterglow. This is the Lingering Essence of Full Body-Mind Healing. Are you ready to feel the Afterglow?

Ascension 101

The real magic happens when you know what how to access the portals to love. You'll feel connected to your higher self and people who are living in the vibration of Universal Love. This is where sensitives focus on service & transformation feel at home. Is it time to take the journey from the egos grip of control into the beauty of wholeness & expansion? Nancy discovered this in 1988 when she woke up and had an Inner Healing that felt like a rocket boosted her into the 4th Dimension. She knows the multidimensional freedom that is available to you. She is fulfilling her purpose to expand what people used to think was "the truth" to help "set you free". People know the distinction between the unconscious-auto-pilot-life and the high vibe life of Extraordinary Humans, Influencers, Healers, and Legacy Leaders. These are often people who had a tough life lesson and journey into the dark night of the soul...at least once in their lives. Multiple times for most humans. It takes what it takes. Can you relate?

Join our fabulous community if you're ready to say, "No Thank You!" to fear and experience Open-Hearted Massive Love!

Become a part of this Powerful & Prosperous Revolution.


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